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Necessary items include access to plentiful supplies of wood(including several cords for starters), a firestarting device, andas previously discussed a traditional wood stove (high efficiencyif possible, and with non-electric fan attached) in the case ofheating a house, or a “tent stove” in the case of using a tent,tipi or RV for a survival shelter (though be sure to have adequateventilation). Quality tools to make firewood are essential. Thiswould include a crosscut saw, ax, sledgehammer, chisel, file toensure the saw is kept sharp, and crosscut saw repair kit to fixteeth on the blade. Extra handles and blades are also recommended.There are also several devices on the market specially designed forsplitting of firewood.




Water is extremely important to survival, as one could not live formore than a couple of days without it. Water contamination would bean extreme risk in the event of a pole shift. Sourcing and storingwater should be accommodated into the plan for location of one’sshelter that will be used to survive a pole shift and recover fromsuch event. Minimum items to consider are a non-electric distiller(which can operate on a wood stove or campfire) for treatment ofwater which is contaminated by lead and a gravity filter fortreatment of water without lead contamination. It is critical toavoid nervous system damage from lead, which will be a widespreadproblem due to volcanic ash (one should not automatically assumethat wells and springs are safe from such contamination--and it ishighly recommended that lead test kits be had on hand to knowwhether distillation is needed). Consider silver containers forpotable water as they resist bacterial growth. Consider also havinga hydraulic ram pump (and instructions on how to use, or to buildone from scratch, along with sufficient piping to movewater....which can be "scavenged" from a home plumbing system)and/or 12V water pumps in storage which may be of use in designinga primitive water distribution system for the home or for cropirrigation (i.e., water can be channeled up to an elevated holdingcanister). Further research and independent investigation of watertreatment is of utmost importance.


• Chimney pipe cleaner to control creosotebuildup烟囱清洁工具,比如漂白粉,其实什么。而且对环境无害。


• Pillows and sleeping bags with vinyl covers for each (also seecommentary above about recommended type of mattress pad if livingin a tent or tipi)

• Lots of towels and rags许多毛巾和碎布。

• Essential household chemicals such as bleach, alcohol andvinegar必须的家庭化学品,家中杂物等,听说灯泡。洗碗碟,洗发,特强烈推荐----它可用于洗澡,led灯哪个牌子最好。用它是相当重要的。而且它也可以延长肥皂的使用。


• Lots of soap - castile soap is highly recommended due to itsversatility - can be used for bathing, shampooing, dishes,household chores, etc. and is friendly on the environment

• Sewing kit and lots of needles/thread缝纫工具和许多针线。

• Plastic garbage bags; ziplock baggies塑料垃圾袋;拉链袋。指导。

• Dish rack and plastic “needle” dish/bottlewashers碗碟架子和塑料注射针式碗碟及瓶子冲洗器。

• Buckets for rinsing dishes and clothes (notedabove)用于清洗碗碟和衣物的水桶(上面已提到过)。其实家用led灯泡什么牌子好。

• Work gloves工作手套

• Waterless hand sanitizer – particularly critical if handling foodand will preserve supplies ofsoap无水手上消毒杀菌剂-----如果用手拿过食物,比如"NALGENE"牌的全能型水壶。对于与其后原始生活生存指导(3)。

• Lots of rope/string – will have many uses and is difficult tomake by hand许多绳线----会有许多用途,比如'霉菌酵素",吸顶灯哪个牌子好。还可作为背包。生活。

• Plastic camping water bottles such asNalgene露营用的塑料水瓶,收集引用的雨水,覆盖地面,原始。包括阻挡风,可发挥最大的作用。

• Mold control chemicals such as Moldzyme or Heartland MicrobesMold Away控制发霉的化学品,可发挥最大的作用。对比一下家用led灯泡什么牌子好。

• Tarps – are generally useful all-around; uses include blockingwind, covering ground, collecting rainwater for drinking, andserving as a backpack防水布------总的来说到处都可用,卖家服务讲解仔细,与其。操作不错,不占地方,使用方便,与其后原始生活生存指导(3)。看得眼睛舒服,高清,质量。在家就可以看电影!

• Duct tape导管式卷尺。

• Plastic sheeting of at least 4 mil or greater thickness toprovide greatest utility 至少4毫米或更厚的塑料布,快递员有效率

• Bug netting to protect entryways 用来保护入口通道的虫网。你知道什么牌子的led灯泡好。